We have various systems readily available for mixing solids and fluids.


    The existing mixing units enable the production of batches between 1 and 10 cubic meters. Different mixing tools are used depending on the requirement. Individual components can be pre-treated; for example, heated, melted or pre-crushed. It is also possible to spray fluids onto solids and distribute them finely.


    The quantity produced for each recipe may vary between a trial and a weight of several 100 tons.


    When planning our systems we pay attention to a compact design and short product paths in order to keep the cleaning involved in changing the product as simple as possible. That is also why those parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel.


    The systems are designed for the safe handling of hazardous substances. This includes handling those solids and fluids which can form explosives mixtures together with the air.


    We offer the grinding of solids as a process service. Various crushing units are available to us meet the different requirements. We can handle numerous materials which form explosive mixtures together with the air under inert gas or in a pressure shockproof system.


    We can process a variety of different special chemicals on a grinding mill with integrated separation. This ensures a particularly high degree of fineness and simultaneously a very narrow grain range.


    We operate further crushing units for lower requirements on the achieved particle size.


    The raw product is submitted as a pure material or as a pre-manufactured mixture. We determine the grinding parameters in advance in a production test.


    The systems are usually operated for production volumes at a scale of about 500 kg to over 100 tons. Trial production runs of lower volume are possible. The system capacity depends on the product properties and the particle size requirements.




    The compaction of powder materials to granulates can be achieved with various shaping methods.


    The benefits of granulates compared to powder materials includes the reduced exposure of dust in the application, in a usually higher, defined bulk density or in improved mixability with other components. Improved storage stability and improved dosing are also often achieved by granulation.


    Numerous materials can be granulated without adding binding agents in the roller compactor. The powders are pressed through rollers.


    The compacted product is transformed to the desired size in a suitable crushing unit and filtered to separate it from the fine share, if necessary with ultrasonic assistance. Different grain sizes can be set according to the purpose by selecting the respective parameters.


    Gentle compaction is possible in a vacuum-pressure roller mill. The air enclosed in the powder materials is extracted by applying low pressure to a porous compactor roller. This type of compaction can be applied as an independent process or can precede a subsequent processing step.


    In addition to processing solids and fluids, we fill a variety of different solids and fluids into all types of packages for our customers.


    The filling plants are configured order specifically according to the requirements of our clients. The capacity and degree of automation of the filling plants are based on the order volume and the type and size of the packages. Any filling weights are possible, from less than 5 g or ml up to 1000 kg or litre depending on the package.


    The filling lines are dismantled and completely cleaned when the product is changed. The cleaning is documented and the success of cleaning is checked before a new production run is started.


    Our systems are selected and assembled to suit a broad range of applications. We make sure they consist of high-quality, resistant materials and are designed in such a manner that the system components are easy to clean.


    We employ different systems and technologies for the packaging of products in appropriate sales units.


    We maintain business relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of various types of packaging. In many cases we succeed in bundling the procurement of different articles and, in this way, can offer our customers economical prices for types of packaging.


    We meet high quality demands when packaging the customer's own products in sales packages. Trained staff conduct and document extensive inline checks. Furthermore, all filling and packaging activities are accompanied and monitored by our quality assurance staff.


    As a service partner, we strive to perform sub-steps in the value chain of our clients. But we also offer our services to our customers for the solution of unplanned tasks, such as the reprocessing of faulty batches.


    Possible processes in this respect could be:

    - Refilling

    - Repackaging

    - Filtering

    - Crushing

    - Mixing

    - …


    In addition to the product services offered by us, we also offer our customers additional services, such as:

    - Analytic determination of physical product properties

    - Procurement of raw materials and packaging

    - Storage logistics

    - Transport organisation