FormiChem GmbH was founded in 2011 as a service company for the chemical industry and related sectors. Our company has been situated in Neuburg on the Danube River since 2012.


    The focus of our services is on processing chemical products as well as filling and packaging them in a variety of different trading units tailored to the application of the products.


    We additionally offer consulting services, the provision of raw materials and packaging materials as well as storage and transport handling services.


    Our staff have worked in the chemical sector for many years and can draw on their wealth of experience.


    Our strong point is the reliable and safe performance of contract production runs for the chemical industry and related sectors. We provide high-quality services for our customers and endeavour to further develop ourselves and grow along with our clients.


    We enable resource-saving production processes for our customers by bundling the production volumes of different clients on our systems and, in this way, utilising production capacities to a high degree.


    The objective of our quality, environment and safety standards in combination with a continuous improvement process is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly production methods as well as good working conditions. We take into account the particular requirements of our customers. Our procedures are transparent and comply with legal regulations.


    The most important resource of our company are our motivated and responsible staff. That is why we involve our staff in the company's success. We support their development and encourage them to take responsibility within the company.


    FormiChem GmbH maintains an integrated management system (IMS) for the systematic control of all processes and responsibilities. The IMS includes a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, an environmental management system based on DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 and an occupational management system based on ISO 45001.


    The quality management system and the environmental management system are certified by a recognized company.

  • Working with technical chemical products presents opportunities and challenges. This is why FormiChem GmbH joined the Bavarian Environmental Pact in 2018.


    "The Bavarian Environmental Pact is an agreement between the Bavarian State Government and the Bavarian business community. Voluntary commitment, environmental responsibility and cooperative action have been the core principles at the heart of the projects and declarations of the Environmental Pact ever since it was established in 1995."